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ETA:I meant to say "four letters" and not "four words"!:P
Last night my little sister called me(the conversation was in italian tho) :

Me: Hello!
Sister: I have news!
Me: Well...hi!
Sister: I'm telling you...I have news!
Me: Yeah?!*puzzled face*
Sister: Big news!!!
Me: Double yeah?!?!!*double puzzled face*
Sister: Big news like...WHOA!!!
Me: You called me to tell me "I have news" or what?!?!?*annoyed face*
Sister: Guess what!!!!
Me: ........???.........
Sister: So?!!?
Me: Four letters?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!!!
Sister: *GIGGLING*
Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister: *still giggling*
>>End of phone call<<

Five seconds later....
Me: Hello!?
Sister: MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>End of phone call n.2<<

Five seconds later....
Sister: Hello!?
>>End of phone call n.3<<

In conclusion: new Muse Tour very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And...because the last episode was awesome and I needed an icon to celebrate it:


Maybe later my usual episode picspam!

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This is the first part of my Sweet Charity goodies!
[ profile] rustyryan thank you for bidding on my Supernatural skills and obviously for taking part in such a worthwhile event!
Part of the graphics are shareable and part of them not!
If you would really love to use one of the non-shareable goodies you will have to ask her!;D



Try and stop me )

P.s.The requested icons next week!
P.p.s. [ profile] aesc  I'm working on your illustration too,don't worry!;D

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Some random icons!
Dedicated to [ profile] speakfree 's muse,because she is a bad girl!Go home baby!;D

The auction at Sweet Charity ends at midnight,go here and bid,but don't even think about over-bidding me ok?!?!It's frustrating!
Anyway,don't be shy and stingy!There's so much talent and generosity and sharing over there I could die!:D



What did you just say?!?!?! )
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The "experimental" icons are done!
All [ profile] speakfree's fault,she threatened me and made me do this weird thing...I didn't want to!:P
Anyway,we had a lot of fun doingduring the process,she started an icon and I finished it,and viceversa!
I always love "teaming up" with someone talented and do different things!♥

In conclusion,SEASON F.I.V.E.!!!
Dear Kripke,
can we please have Dean with long hair?!?
*Silvia is very shallow*



25 request icons by animotus and speakfree

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So,how do I start?!?*bzuh?face*
I'm SO NOT GOOD with words!
Anyway,a couple of months ago [ profile] smilla02  wrote THIS wonderful Sweet Charity fic for me and reading it was so overlwhelming that I promised her an illustration,or personal interpretation of the story!
Ladies and gentlemen:
- Thorn in your side -
story by [ profile] smilla02 
illustrations by [ profile] animotus 

Thorn in your side )
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Supernatural icon requests

I got soul but I'm not a soldier! )

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This is the last one of my Sweet Charity goodies and the most difficult to realize!
The talented [ profile] smilla02  bidded on me and asked me to illustrate one of her incredible fanfictions!
She made me choose between four of them and I really had a hard time trying to make a decision,finally I picked up Sleepwalking in the Land of Magnets and Memories because I couldn't stop seeing the story in my mind and also because there are moments of real deep poetry!♥
[ profile] smilla02 I know this is a surprise for you,I've been evil enough to keep the secret but I really hope you won't be disappointed by my choice!This is my first experience in the fanfiction/graphics crossover and I don't know if I've done it properly,I've just followed my instict!;D
I wanted to say something about the graphics but I've decided to shut up because I never like talking about my graphics (or paintings) when they are about my intimate feelings!
Sweetie,thank you for challenging me with this idea,it's been a wonderful experience!
Under each graphic there's a link to see it in the bigger version,I suggest you to click because it'll be easier with the text!;D

Sleepwalking in the Land of Magnets and Memories )

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Part two of my Sweet Charity goodies people!This time it's all dedicated to the lovely [ profile] rasah
Baby I hope you will forgive me about the SGA stuff,I really tried!But as you can see I ended up with more than you expected,at least I had a lot of fun with the Supernatural pretties!
Thank you again for bidding on me and of course for your donation!♥
Dear [ profile] smilla02 ,now I'm all yours!Late...but yours!;D

No winter for heroes ) 

[ profile] rasah is a wonderful sharing person and wants you to snag all the goodies!;D
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ETA:Sorry,there were some mistakes in the walls size!Now they are all shiny again!;)
This is PART 1 of my Sweet Charity goodies!
Rina,I hope this is what you wanted...or at least you like most of the stuff!;D
(spoilers for Spn season4)

Dude...Octoberfest!!!! )

Rina wants to share the goodies so feel free to snag!;D

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Self-pimping.....and pimping in general!♥
Sweet Charity

You can still sign up so if you have some kind of talent and you feel like sharing.....just do it!
The current charity is :Invisible Children

I'm offering:
3 Supernatural Walls
3 Walls of your own choice
20 Icons of your own choice
....and by your own choice I mean "my fandoms related"

This is the first time I'm a Charity Ho and I have no idea if I did my offerings right!
So if you're more expert than me....please help me!!!!

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