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2009-05-13 02:53 pm
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When the Levee breaks

Painful episode=painful picspamming!
This is why I'm very late!I've been working on those pictures for days,I played with colours and textures like a crazy and even if I didn't plan it,I came up with a "graphic" picspam!
The images are heavy and very textured and dark and coloured and layered...just like the episode!
I haven't seen the promo,I know NOTHING about the finale and if you spoil me I can't punch you in the face but I can surely CRY!So please no spoilers in the comments!I have a question though:does anyone know who's the director of the final episode?

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2009-05-07 05:19 pm

Requested icons

On monday there's been the artist claiming for Big_bang 2009,228 stories and only 29 were many pretties and so little time to decide!!!!!But I got one of the best writers,meaning the lovely [ profile] legoline ,who sent me the story and I can't stop squeeing around!!!!!!
Today I also signed up at Spn Summergen,usually only writers can join but this year they are letting artists and vidders play with prompts too and so far it looks awesome!Go sign up if you have something to share!;D

Last two guys,last two!!!And I can't physically restrain myself anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOYS!♥

Now the real reason why you will maybe watch my post!:D
Requested icons people!I'm warning you,my muse is cranky!!!:(

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ETA:I have a dreamwidht account too,I'm still animotus and if you want to add me or whatever do it!I will use it only for backup (when I'll figure out how it works) and right now it looks BAD,but I'm working on it!Thanks to [ profile] smilla02 for the invite!ILU!
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2009-04-29 04:42 pm
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I'll take that as a compliment

Supernatural 4x19 - Jump the Shark
The Episode Review Picspam of doom!

Okay,before you click and take a look at the picspam I'd like to rec you THIS interesting and very well done post about picspamming made by [ profile] bellanut.She has a great visual sense and she is very smart;in my opinion her wonderful eye for details make her one the best in the art of picspamming!;D
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2009-04-28 12:55 am
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Jump the Shark

4x19 - Jump the Shark Picspam
What?!?!Who said there are only 3 episodes left?Is this the same person who said Jensen Ackles isn't going to date me?:P

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2009-04-26 06:34 pm
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Remember that h/c meme?

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2009-04-25 05:12 pm
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It doesn't matter?

ETA:I meant to say "four letters" and not "four words"!:P
Last night my little sister called me(the conversation was in italian tho) :

Me: Hello!
Sister: I have news!
Me: Well...hi!
Sister: I'm telling you...I have news!
Me: Yeah?!*puzzled face*
Sister: Big news!!!
Me: Double yeah?!?!!*double puzzled face*
Sister: Big news like...WHOA!!!
Me: You called me to tell me "I have news" or what?!?!?*annoyed face*
Sister: Guess what!!!!
Me: ........???.........
Sister: So?!!?
Me: Four letters?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!!!
Sister: *GIGGLING*
Me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister: *still giggling*
>>End of phone call<<

Five seconds later....
Me: Hello!?
Sister: MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>End of phone call n.2<<

Five seconds later....
Sister: Hello!?
>>End of phone call n.3<<

In conclusion: new Muse Tour very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And...because the last episode was awesome and I needed an icon to celebrate it:


Maybe later my usual episode picspam!

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2009-04-09 10:18 pm
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Heaven is not perfect

Ok,I cheated,I should have done the happiness meme yesterday too but I didn't feel like posting!
But today is special!

Rules are:
1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] ultraviolet9a

Dear Vee,I promised an illustration for your birthday,you gave me three choises,I tried really hard to not pick up the most difficult one but that story kept on calling me and I couldn't say no to John Winchester!I already told you how "visually powerful" are your fics so I just hope my perspective is not that different from yours!♥
P.s.I hope you'll like the colours!;D

And what there is to conquer by [ profile] ultraviolet9a
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2009-03-31 05:46 pm

Random icons

Some random icons!
Dedicated to [ profile] speakfree 's muse,because she is a bad girl!Go home baby!;D

The auction at Sweet Charity ends at midnight,go here and bid,but don't even think about over-bidding me ok?!?!It's frustrating!
Anyway,don't be shy and stingy!There's so much talent and generosity and sharing over there I could die!:D



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2009-03-29 07:51 pm
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2009-03-24 06:16 pm
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I saved you

Dear [ profile] legoline 
I knew you were particularly fond of Shadows taller than our soul and since it's one of my fav fics of yours I've decided to illustrate it...but I didn't know it would have killed me!:P
Thanks for sharing this intense story and giving me the opportunity to "translate" it into personal images!
Have a wonderful vacation!And when you're at the LA Con KISS JENSEN for me!;D

I saved you )
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2009-03-22 10:29 pm
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He doesn't quit!

Some thoughts and huge episode picpsam...because "In the head of a Pin" was amazing and visually awesome!I just couldn't stop picking up caps,everything was worth showing!
Obviously spoilers for Season 4!
If you spoil me for 4x17 I will send Alastair for a little chat!;D

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2009-03-17 06:21 pm
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Same old,same old!

Happy Birthday [ profile] roque_clasique
Yeah I'm late!
You know I much I love your writing,so for your gift I got inspired by your fantastic Drive verse!This is not a specific scene (I don't think it does even exist!LOL) but it's just something I pictured in my head thinking about your story!I hope you like it!♥

1024x768 1280x1024 1680x1050

textures by [ profile] elli
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2009-03-12 05:55 pm
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You're my sister and I love you!

*totally off-key...just pretend it was Jensen singing*

My silly gift will never be enough to let you know how much I love you!I used my fav three colours and I used my fav boy to send you my special wishes!You really GIVE ME TECHNICOLOR DREAMS!
I EPICALLY suck with words so I will just shut up!Love you baby!♥♥♥

[ profile] speakfree  wants to share the wall!;D

1024x768   1280x1024    1680x1050
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2009-03-12 11:26 am
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday [ profile] dgtall !
Hey digie,what about a "beautiful profile" and "feathery eyelashes" wall?;D
Have a wonderful day hon!♥

1024x768    1280x1024   1680x1050

Psssssttt [personal profile] speakfree ,I'm coming back for you later!;D
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2009-03-05 05:37 pm
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That's no excuse!!!

For [ profile] smilla02
because I want you to feel better RIGHT NOW!

Monster movie picspam:

That's no excuse!!! )

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2009-02-26 04:05 pm
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Ain't no easy way out

Dear [ profile] princesaskater,
finally I did it!I hope it's good enough for you!;D
The wall is shareable!

1024x768 1280x1024 1680x1050

Under the cut some thinky thoughts about Supernatural!
Love and Sacrifice )

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2009-02-25 08:47 am
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Team long hair!

The "experimental" icons are done!
All [ profile] speakfree's fault,she threatened me and made me do this weird thing...I didn't want to!:P
Anyway,we had a lot of fun doingduring the process,she started an icon and I finished it,and viceversa!
I always love "teaming up" with someone talented and do different things!♥

In conclusion,SEASON F.I.V.E.!!!
Dear Kripke,
can we please have Dean with long hair?!?
*Silvia is very shallow*



25 request icons by animotus and speakfree

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2009-02-13 04:42 pm
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That would be cool!

After reading [ profile] thandie 's last post I had an idea:

I could use a little help,or better...I'd like you to rec me books,of any kind! I'm buying few things on amazon and since I'm there I want to order some books too!I have a rec for you:
Some time ago [ profile] legoline recced me Mister God,this is Anna and I really suggest you to read it because it's the most cute and at the same time the most powerful thing I've ever read!♥

Other stuff under the cut because I don't want to hurt the feelings of all the people on my flist who hate Supernatural!

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2009-01-29 11:55 pm


Yesterday [ profile] smilla02  was talking about something on her journal and randomly (or maybe not that randomly) said:"Uneven numbers FTW", so I asked her:"What's with the uneven numbers thing?",and she answered:"Uneven numbers are for the win, doll!",and I told her:"I like uneven numbers,they are not boring,visually they remind me of some kind of lights&shadows thing" and the evil [ profile] smilla02  said:"I'm feeling like asking you to make something graphic for unven numbers"....AND I DID IT!:P
I didn't even have to think about it too much,I picked my favourite uneven number...and voilà!;D

Uneven numbers FTW )

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2009-01-05 03:41 pm
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Supernatural icons request

I'm taking Supernatural icons request here @ [ profile] twofortheroad