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Painful episode=painful picspamming!
This is why I'm very late!I've been working on those pictures for days,I played with colours and textures like a crazy and even if I didn't plan it,I came up with a "graphic" picspam!
The images are heavy and very textured and dark and coloured and layered...just like the episode!
I haven't seen the promo,I know NOTHING about the finale and if you spoil me I can't punch you in the face but I can surely CRY!So please no spoilers in the comments!I have a question though:does anyone know who's the director of the final episode?

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Supernatural 4x19 - Jump the Shark
The Episode Review Picspam of doom!

Okay,before you click and take a look at the picspam I'd like to rec you THIS interesting and very well done post about picspamming made by [ profile] bellanut.She has a great visual sense and she is very smart;in my opinion her wonderful eye for details make her one the best in the art of picspamming!;D
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4x19 - Jump the Shark Picspam
What?!?!Who said there are only 3 episodes left?Is this the same person who said Jensen Ackles isn't going to date me?:P

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The lovely [ profile] wolfpup2000 posted on her journal tons of incredible pics from the LA Con!I'm talking about "I can see all Jensen's freckles" kind of pics so please go here,stare at the images,try not to drool all over your keyboard,remember that those pretty boys are not humans,and leave her some love because she did a wonderful job and shared everything with all of us!;D

Under the cut you'll find something to tease your curiosity!

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Dear Battlestar Galactica,
THANK YOU for this epic and wonderful journey!
And for feeding my heart and brain!
You will never be forgotten

The finale was overwhelming and touching,Bsg really is the best thing onTV!
I still can't believe it is so underrated!
I made a "little" picspam with some of my fav moments,EVERYTHING was worth showing though!
P.s.Again b/w,sorry!

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Some thoughts and huge episode picpsam...because "In the head of a Pin" was amazing and visually awesome!I just couldn't stop picking up caps,everything was worth showing!
Obviously spoilers for Season 4!
If you spoil me for 4x17 I will send Alastair for a little chat!;D

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Today I feel down and tired so I've decided to play with pretty pics and make a pretty picspam for you!Enjoy!;D

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For [ profile] smilla02
because I want you to feel better RIGHT NOW!

Monster movie picspam:

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After reading [ profile] thandie 's last post I had an idea:

I could use a little help,or better...I'd like you to rec me books,of any kind! I'm buying few things on amazon and since I'm there I want to order some books too!I have a rec for you:
Some time ago [ profile] legoline recced me Mister God,this is Anna and I really suggest you to read it because it's the most cute and at the same time the most powerful thing I've ever read!♥

Other stuff under the cut because I don't want to hurt the feelings of all the people on my flist who hate Supernatural!

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