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posted by [personal profile] animotus at 06:18pm on 30/04/2009
Under the cut you will find the answers to that weird meme I did!;D
Happy Spn day!;D

1. Do tell me of this foxy fetish of yours by [ profile] prettybutt

click for bigger peen!What?!?!O_O
Happy now?

2. Fav colour,animal and food by [ profile] zed_pm
My favourite colour is dark blue,but I also like red,black and white (even though they are not real colours!).
My favourite animal is the horse,powerful and elegant!

Second place for the sea horse because is the most wonderful creation I've ever seen (after Mr.Ackles):

My fav food,um...this is hard because I love food and I have many favourites,but if I had to pick up something I'd say pasta,any kind of "real italian pasta"!

3. I wonder who's your fav hunter! by [ profile] bjtp
Gratuitous Dean Winchester pic...

4. Your first fandom and what sport you're practicing now by [ profile] thandie
My first fandom was Lost,ah...good old times!Good old hotass dr.Jack!!!♥
Let's talk about sport...BWHAHAHAHA!!!!Sorry,I didn't mean to be rude bb but I've never been a sport-girl and I will never be!I went to the gym a long time ago but all that sweating and...working!LOOOOL I'm so lazy!:P

5. What's the meaning of your username by [ profile] rasah
Animotus is the abbreviation of animi motus,they're latin words meaning something like a big heart/soul excitement,a very passionate soul!I hope that make sense!:P

6. Cinnamon or Vanilla?Hotdogs or Hamburger?Angel's food cake or Devil's food cake? by [ profile] lovebanshee
Never tried an hotdog in my life but I can tell you I don't like hamgurgers very much!
Devil's food cake should be my fav since it's all dark and full of chocolate!

7. Are you a professional artist? by [ profile] chrissy_ny
LOOOOL!!!I wish!!!
I never studied anything artistic-related!I started using photoshop when I discovered livejournal and my painting skills are just....I don't know,one day I took a brush and I played with colours!;D

8. What's your job and what do you do for fun? by [ profile] bobbinrob
I work in an engineering professional office!
I don't live in a big city and here you don't have much choice for your fun,but I like to go the cinema or hangin' out with friends,we have dinner at home or we go out to pubs!When I can I like to go to concerts or I just travel in general!But my kind of fun can also be reading or painting,I'm a lazy person!;D

9. The weirdest thing I've ever eaten and if I could snag the wardrobe of any tv character whose would it be!Do you have a place that you like to go when you want to think? by [ profile] babybluesteel
I'm italian and eating weird things is not in our genes!:P
Eating must be a pleasure for me so YES,I'm that boring and I never try weird things!:P
And YES,I'm that predictable and the tv character would be Mr.Dean Winchester because I want his leather jacket!I'm a "leather jacket girl",I have 5 and I don't feel ashamed!;D
I don't have a special place for my thinky thoughts but I have my best ideas in my car...driving all alone!

10. A special childhood memory and what did you want to be when you were young? by [ profile] elli
I tried really hard and I couldn't come up with anything,but that's because I had a FANTASTIC childhood,everything was so perfect!But I guess all the summer-related memories are special to me!Now don't laugh but when I was a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer!And I was a professional because I still have all the drawings I did and when I look at them I don't know if I feel sad or silly!

11. Do you have siblings?Why did you fall in love with Spn! by [ profile] princesaskater
I have two sisters and I'm in the middle!Marina is the older one and Chiara is the little pain in the a**!;D
I fell in love with Spn because of the wonderful cinematography and the interesting story!And then,episodes after episodes I fell in love with the epic journey of this family,and I learned that behind all the tragedy there's so much love and hope and loyalty and sacrifice and more and more...I wonder why Supernatural has been so underrated for 4 seasons!

12. What you really hate and what you relly love! by [ profile] jude_judith82
I'd say I really hate arrogance and I really love intelligence!
Or...I really hate cheese and I really love chocolate!;D

13. Tell me about your dog! by [ profile] agentcat47
My dog's name is ZIBI!She (yes,SHE) is not a pedegree dog but she is very smart!
Last year while we were sleeping some idiot thieves entered my house but they didn't know I had a KICKASS DOG!Zibi made them run off!;D

14. Your fav kind of cereals! by [ profile] two_five
I like cereals but I'm not a morning person so when I wake up I don't even have breakfast!Just a coffee before running to work!

15. Your fav song in this very moment! by [ profile] coquette
I'm boring and I'd say anything Muse related!I'm so excited about their new album!
You want a specific song?I'd say Supermassive Blackhole (Phones Control Voltage)!;D

16. An absolute joy! by [ profile] gemmi_joo
Right now SLEEPING!Becasue lately I don't sleep much and I really would love to relax!!!!!!!;D


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